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Grayshott & Ludshott Common

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This morning’s six mile walk was the first of our Festival of Winter Walks. It was also the first one the leader had led. If she hadn’t told us this at the start we’d not have known. She took us (20 total) round the route uneventfully and without a map. The weather was good; it was cold, frosty and sunny—ideal conditions for a walk.

We met in the public car park in Grayshott, crossed the road and headed south on a bridleway. At a junction with a byway we continued ahead on a footpath, turned left at a T junction and joined a bridleway that passed Shannon Court and merged with a byway. Just before the A3 we turned right on a footpath, reached a lane, turned left and then turned right to walk on a bridleway across Bramshott Chase. Before Kent’s Hill we turned north, walked downhill and joined a footpath that took us to Waggoner’s Wells. We followed the bridleway on the south side of the lakes, crossed at the western end, continued west to a footpath on the left that headed NW towards Ludshott Common, joined a bridleway that crossed the common still in a NW direction and then, at a junction with a bridleway on our right, stopped in sunshine for refreshment.

After our break we headed NE on the bridleway across the common, turned SE on another bridleway, turned SW on another, then east on another and reached the eastern end of Waggoner’s Wells. We returned to Grayshott via a bridleway that went NE to meet a byway where we turned right. This took us to the bridleway that we’d taken at the start from the B3002 in Grayshott.

The AA website has a description of part of our route with some history of the area.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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