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Shackleford circular

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It was a cold and foggy day. Ice had melted and mud had softened, but there was still less mud than usual for this time of year. We have yet to encounter the splashy sort that sprays above knees unless negotiated slowly.

Twenty-six turned up for the morning’s five mile walk so the record of yesterday remains. There was one record, however, the leader noted. The group contained two chairman—one from the G&H group, the other from the Guildford group.

We set off from Shackleford on Hook Lane, turned left past Aldro School, turned right on a byway through Mitchen Hall Plantation, turned left on a track that emerged on Lombard Street, turned right on the road, took a bridleway on the left to Warren Lodge, continued ahead on a permissive path to a lane which we crossed and took a footpath across a field to Peper Harrow. Here we stopped at the church for elevenses.

From the church we headed east on a footpath that joined the Fox Way. We followed this to Lower Eashing, turned left on a bridleway and then turned left on another bridleway at a junction of paths. This took us to a road near the A3. We turned left, walked under the A3, turned right on a bridleway that led to Roker’s Lane and followed this back to Shackleford.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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