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Witley & Hambledon

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The leader dubbed this morning’s five mile walk The Hangover Special. This was not because he brought cures for hangovers with him (he brought mince pies) but because the start at Witley station allowed those still under the influence of last night’s excesses to travel by train. One person arrived by train. She was one of the few people on it who were awake. Most of the passengers were draped over seats, asleep.

All of the sixteen of us on the walk were alert and ready for a brisk stride in the countryside. We are too old for hangovers. One day lost from ill-health is bad enough; one lost from self-inflicted ill-health is worse.

From the station we headed west on the Greensand Way to Sandhills, turned north on a bridleway to Church Lane, turned right and then took a footpath on the right to Culmer. We crossed the A283 to Water Lane, took a footpath on the left, passed under the railway line, crossed Water Lane, turned right at Buss’s Common and turned left on a footpath that emerged on Hambledon Road by Hilltop Farm. From here we headed towards the church, rejoined the Greensand Way and followed this back to Witley station after a detour by Beech Hill, the cricket pitch, Hambledon Common and Park.

It was a cool, damp morning with light rain. The heavy rain that was forecast arrived in the afternoon.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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