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Brook & Thursley

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This morning’s six mile walk was the last in our Festival of Winter Walks. The total attendance on our seven FoWW was 177.

Thirty-four arrived for the start of today’s walk at Brook opposite the Dog & Pheasant. We set off across the A283. Drivers obligingly stopped for us to cross en masse; that is the first ones did, those behind them had little choice but to wait. We hastened over waving thanks.

We headed south briefly on the main road before taking a lane on the right and turning onto a footpath that went across a muddy field and up a slope to Screw Corner Road. At the road we turned left, reached Bowlhead Green, headed west on a bridleway, turned south on another to Rutton Hill Road, turned right on a footpath to Emley Farm, headed NW to a junction of paths and turned SW to pass Hole Farm and reach the A3. Fortunately, there was an underpass for us to use to cross it. Unfortunately, the underpass was flooded. Those with holes in their boots soon noticed entry of water.

We continued NW on a footpath over a field to Highfield Farm and encountered more water on a section of the path. There was a choice of routes: one could wade through slurry on the left or jump a ditch on the right. Half went left, half went right.

Reaching a lane we turned right and continued on it to Thursley where we stopped in the churchyard for coffee. It was noon and stomachs had been grumbling for a while.

After our refreshment we joined the Greensand Way and headed east on it back to Brook.

It was a cold, sunny day with clear blue sky. As we crossed the field before Screw Corner Road there was a good view to our right of the mansion on the Rockwood estate (recently renovated). There is an inside view on the GetSurrey website.

Map: OS X 145


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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