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Thirty-four turned up for the start of this morning’s five mile walk. We met in the car park by the recreation ground in Shere as did, coincidentally, four other groups (Mid Surrey Ramblers, Farnham Ramblers, Surrey County Walkers and another group who set off shortly after 9 am). Parking, unsurprisingly, was tight. I arrived early so I had time for coffee and a toasted tea cake in The Dabbling Duck (highly recommended). When I walked back to the car park it was already full.

From the car park we headed north on a byway, joined the North Downs Way, turned east, continued to another byway (Beggars Lane), turned south, reached the A25, turned left to a bridleway on the south side, followed this to Gomshall and then joined another bridleway that took us back to Shere. Several stopped in the village for ice creams.

The speed limit on the A25 on the approach to the junction with the A248 has been lowered from national speed limit to 40 mph. However, the wrong signs have been used for the start of the new limit for those travelling to the A25 on the A248. Small repeater signs have been installed instead of large terminal signs. (See Traffic Signs Manual, chapter 3 Regulatory Signs, section 14 Speed Limits.) They are attached to the back of NSL signs and, being dwarfed by them, are not that obvious.

14.1 Traffic authorities have a duty under section 85 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to erect and maintain prescribed speed limit signs on their roads in accordance with the Secretary of State’s directions; i.e. the signs must be prescribed by and provided in accordance with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 unless they have been specially authorised. Signs that do not strictly follow the Regulations and the Directions (see para 1.4 in respect of Northern Ireland), or have not been specially authorised are not lawfully placed and the speed limit might be unenforceable. To avoid the risk of failed prosecutions, it is of the greatest importance that speed limits be signed lawfully. It is equally important that speed limits be signed clearly and in accordance with this guidance, so that at no time will drivers be in any doubt about the prevailing limit.

On the A25 on the approach to the A248 from Gomshall there is only one terminal sign marking the start of the lowered limit. Its partner on the right-hand side is a repeater. Perhaps the installers ran out of the large terminal signs.

Map: OS X 145


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A local group of the Ramblers

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