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Today’s walk was a figure of eight with five miles in the morning and four miles in the afternoon. Thirty-nine arrived for the start by Wotton village hall. According to the register (an A6 sized piece of paper) there were 40 in the group. The backmarker diligently tried to count us as we set off. He thought there were 39. His second attempt at counting produced the same number. Two others counted at a narrow section of a path where the group was forced to walk in single file. They reached 39 as well.

The mystery of the phantom walker was solved later when the list of names was examined carefully. The names were numbered but numbers 35 and 36 were missing. That should have taken the tally to 38. However, the leader’s name at the beginning of the list, which should have been number one, was not numbered.

Unusually, there were almost equal numbers of men as women: 19 men, 20 women. Usually the women greatly outnumber the men.

The 40 mph speed limit introduced on the A25 near the A248 a few months ago has now been signed correctly. The small repeaters used to mark the start of the lower limit on the A248 just before its junction with the A25 have been replaced with large terminal signs.

Map: OS X 146


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