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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Fernhurst circular

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Fourteen arrived for this morning’s five mile walk which was in an area we visit infrequently. Some of the footpaths looked like they’d be a quagmire in winter. Today they were rock hard.

We set off from the public car park in Fernhurst and headed SW on a footpath that went past Hawksfold Farm, Whitter’s Copse and Pondfield Copse. Reaching a lane, Whites Lane, we turned right and continued on it to Lower North Park Farm where we stopped to look at four rheas (birds similar to ostriches)  in a field. Two of the birds noticed us peering through the mesh fence at them and walked over to peer at us. They stood ready to peck at anything (camera lenses) that we poked through the fence.

Just past the farm we turned off the lane on a footpath and paused by Furnace Pond, where our leader gave us a brief history of the area, before turning right on a bridleway. At a junction with a footpath we turned left and followed the footpath back to Hawksfold Farm and Fernhurst.

The route was good; it was a mixture of woodland (now with carpets of bluebells) and fields. Birds, apart from us, made the most noise.

Map: OS 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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