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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers


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We had another good day thanks to our leaders and the weather.

The coach took us to Abbotsbury from where the long and short walks started. Those on the short walk went on a circular route to the Hardy Monument.

The other group headed north to the Macmillan Way, joined the South Dorset Ridgeway, headed west, turned SW to West Bexington, rejoined the MW and continued back to Abbotsbury where they stopped for lunch before walking to St Catherine’s Chapel.

From Abbotsbury, shortly before 4pm, we set off for home and stopped after 2½ hours in Chalton for a meal booked at The Red Lion. Some, remarkably, polished off fish and chips followed by apple crumble and custard in no time. Over the three day holiday we’ve walked more miles than usual but our calorie output has not kept pace with our calorie input.

We climbed back on the coach for the final stage home. However, leaving the car park was not straightforward. (The entry had been tricky.) The road outside the pub was narrow and was further narrowed by scaffolding attached to the building for work on the roof. Opposite the pub on the other side of the road was a steep triangle-shaped bank of grass bordered by the road and two driveways to a farm. Owing to the camber of the road and our (probably heavier than usual) weight, the coach grounded on the tarmac, a problem foreseen by the driver. We all got off the coach to lighten the load and watched as the driver had another attempt to drive out of the car park. Once again the front of the coach hit the tarmac. He reversed back in to the car park and tried another angle with the suspension raised. This time he was successful but then he had to reverse up one of the driveways and drive forwards down the other one to join the road and end up facing the right way home. It was a close thing but he managed it. We all cheered and gave him a round of applause as we boarded again.

Map: OS OL15


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