Walking Matters

Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

Hindhead, Grayswood

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There was an unusual obstruction across one of the footpaths on today’s 8½ mile walk—a large bull. He was in a field surrounded by cows and calves. The walk leader spotted him straight away as she climbed the stile into the field. His size, apart from anything else, revealed his gender. She stopped to wait for the rest of the group (13 total) to climb over the stile. By now the adults—cattle and humans—eyed each other. The former, unlike most of the latter, looked unconcerned. The bull appeared docile but, not wishing to put his temperament to the test, and as the animals were close to the stile on the other side of the field, we crossed it well away from them and climbed over a fence to reach the road on the other side.

Near a junction of footpaths after lunch the leader stopped to wait for the back three to catch up. When she turned round to lead the way again she discovered that most of the others had already set off—along the wrong path. The back three were now promoted to the front.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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