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Selborne figure of 8

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Trekking poles were an advantage on today’s 9½ mile walk. They were useful as stabilisers and as probes to locate firm ground on muddy stretches of footpaths.

There was a short slippery slope on the morning route which the leader warned could be a problem. She pointed out a longer detour to avoid it. One person took up the challenge and soon ended up flat on his face. Not to be beaten he tried again and reached the top. Another had an attempt but was defeated. He took the detour rather than risk a second muddying. The leader had a go, curious to see if she could overcome the lack of friction. She succeeded but only because one of the men who had reached the top via the detour gave her a hand from above.

The morning walk was on footpaths SE of Selborne. The route was to Sotherington Farm, Le Court Hanger, High Wood Hanger and Galley Hill. The afternoon route went NW along Selborne Hanger, over the B3006, past Wick Hill Cottages and Wick Hill Farm. It joined the Hangers Way and stayed on it back to Selborne.

Map: OS X 133


Author: gandhr

A local group of the Ramblers

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