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Bramley circular

It was a cold day but there was no rain, no ice and little mud on our 4½ mile walk this morning. We (20) met in Bramley near the old railway station by the joint Wey South Path and Downs Link. The walk was shorter than usual so we would arrive back in time for our Christmas lunch booked in the Bramley Café.

The route was south on a bridleway to the Greensand Way, east on that, over the Downs Link, left on Long Common, back onto the Downs Link and along this to Bramley.

One of the walkers (no spring chicken) struggled up the hill at the start and had to stop several times. She thought that she would be OK once she was on the level. Rather than put this to the test, two went back with her and the three had a pleasant walk along the flat Downs Link. It’s better not to discover that someone could complete a walk than to discover that they could not.

Presumption is the opposite of prevention.

Map: OS X 145