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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

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Puttenham Common circular

The good weather continued; it was another hot, sunny day.

Fourteen arrived for this morning’s 5½ mile walk which started from Puttenham Common upper car park.

Our leader took us across the common (without faltering) to the North Downs Way, turned west and followed the NDW to a permissive path that took us south through the Hampton Estate to Littleworth Road. We turned right (west), took a bridleway on the left that went SE past Culverswell Hill to Seale Road, crossed the road, continued on a path through Britty Wood, reached Littleworth Road again, crossed this to a path that led to The Tarn, walked past the NW side of the lake and followed bridleways back to the car park.

The temperature gradually rose during the morning so we were glad of the woodland stretches of the walk.

Map: OS X 145


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Sandown, Shanklin & Ventnor

There was a special event today—our annual trip to the Isle of Wight. The weather was perfect; it was sunny and warm with a gentle breeze.

Twenty-one of us travelled by train to Portsmouth Harbour and then took the ferry to the IoW. One person went by bus to various places. The rest took the island train; eight got off at Sandown to walk to Ventnor and the others stayed on till Shanklin and walked from there to Ventnor.

Map: OS OL29

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Puttenham to Godalming

Twelve turned up for today’s eleven mile walk. Some paths on the route three weeks ago had been horribly muddy. Today they were remarkably dry.

We set off from Puttenham Common upper car park, headed north to join the North Downs Way, turned east, continued to Compton and then turned south to walk to Godalming via Bummoor Copse, Eastbury Park, Hurtmore and Milton Wood. Our return was via the Fox Way and Shackleford.

Map: OS X 145

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Midhurst figure of eight

The morning’s six mile route was probably a mile longer than advertised because we inadvertently, to quote the leader, took a massive detour. Fortunately, none of the fifteen on the walk became detached from the group (unlike those we met in another group) and we all ended back in Midhurst. Some went home, some went home after lunch and some stayed for the afternoon 5½ mile walk.

The walks started from the car park in Midhurst. We arrived to find someone feeding money to the ticket machine although a large notice next to it stated that parking is free on Sundays and bank holidays.

From the car park we headed east past the remains of the castle, turned NE to reach the A272, turned west, took a minor road to cross the A286, passed Buddington Farm, Whitter’s Farm and Lock’s Cottage, crossed Hollist Common (by mistake), then turned south on a footpath that took us to Stedham Lane where we joined the New Lipchis Way, followed this to reach the A272 and a lane from it that took us back into Midhurst.

Map: OS X 133

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Fernhurst & Marley Heights

The leader of this morning’s five mile walk worried us at the start when he announced that on his recent recce he encountered mud so thick that it almost sucked off his boots. He then said that he’d changed the route to avoid it although this meant more walking on minor roads. We were relieved; tarmac is preferable to mud.

There were twelve on the walk. We set off from the car park in Fernhurst, headed west to join a byway that took us to High Marley, followed the lane round the top of the hill, reached Kingsley Green, stopped in sunshine for coffee and then returned to Fernhurst.

The temperature was lower than yesterday and there were more clouds but there was sunshine much of the time. Bluebells in woods were in flower as were azaleas in gardens.

Map: OS X 133 (now OL33)

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Hurting Down & Compton

Today’s intelligence test was how to obtain a ticket from the now functioning machine in the NT car park at Harting Down. Displaying one’s NT sticker on the windscreen used to be sufficient but now the NT wants members to carry their cards and have them scanned by the new machines.

The first person to try the machine followed the instructions carefully but was unsuccessful. He gave up after four attempts. The second person tried her card and, on the second attempt, received a ticket. Others were also successful. Several tried the first card but to no avail.

There were seventeen on the nine mile walk. It was another sunny day but less hot than of late. We walked west on the South Downs Way, turned south and headed for Compton on footpaths and bridleways. There were great views; on several occasions we could see the sea and the Isle of Wight.

After lunch in Compton we headed east past the church and up a steep hill, turned north, passed Bevis’s Thumb, crossed the B2141 and returned on a grassy track to the car park.

Map: OS X OL8 (was 120)