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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

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Blackheath & Shere

Mud dried up in the long, hot summer. After recent heavy rain it has started to reappear. At the moment it is more of a curiosity than a nuisance because we’ve seen none for five months.

There were 23 on today’s nine mile walk which started from the car park in Blackheath. We marched under a blue sky to Shere for lunch via Postford Farm Cottages, Blackheath Lane, Albury, Albury Warren and Albury Heath.

We stopped for coffee by Albury church. Some went into the grounds to look at the church and, by chance, met a couple who were out walking on their own. They got chatting and the couple, new to the area, joined us for the rest of our walk to Shere. They ate lunch with three of us in the yurt of The Dabbling Duck.

We returned to Blackheath via the Fox Way, White Lane Cottages, Water Lane, the A248 where we stopped to look at the war memorial, a footpath by Postford Pond, Lockner Farm and the Downs Link.

The walk ended with tea and cake in the leader’s house.

Map: OS X 145


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Guildford & Bramley

Heavy rain in the night was likely to continue all day. (It did.) Surprisingly, three turned up to join the leader at the start at Guildford bus station. Perhaps the thought of staying in and doing housework was worse than that of going out and getting soaked.

The small group headed south to Bramley through the castle keep grounds, along South Hill, past Chantry Wood car park, along East Shalford Lane, over the railway line, across Shalford Common, along Chinthurst Lane and the Wey South Path.

They cut short the walk and returned to Guildford by bus.

Map: OS X 145

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Bramley circular

Three days ago there was heavy rain; five turned up for the walk. Today the weather was much better—it was cloudy and mild; thirty arrived for the five mile walk. In spite of the recent rain most paths were still dry.

We headed east from Bramley on the Fox Way, turned north on a footpath that ran almost parallel to the B2128, crossed the road to Blackheath Lane, continued north to Great Tangley Manor Farm, turned east on the Downs Link to the top of Tangley Hill and then turned NW downhill to Tangley Mere and Brooks Wood where we stopped for coffee.

From Brooks Wood we continued on the footpath to Great Tangley Manor Farm, turned west on the Downs Link, branched off this to climb up Chinthurst Hill, descended to Chinthurst Lane, turned left, rejoined the Fox Way and followed this back to the car park.

Map: OS X 145

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Blackheath & Albury

The closure of a road to the east of the start caused problems for some on today’s eight mile walk but they still managed to arrive on time.

Twenty-eight set off from the car park in Blackheath under an almost cloudless sky. One more joined us for the afternoon part and for the refreshments—tea and cake at the leaders’ house—at the end.

Map: OS X 145

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Greensand Way & Wey-South Path

The day started cold but by noon it felt like summer. Paths were still dry though those in woodland were covered in more leaves.

Twenty-four arrived for today’s ten mile walk which started from Hurtwood Control car park 6. We headed west on the GSW to Shamley Green, stopped for coffee in the churchyard, turned south to pass Bisney Cottage and Run Farm, joined the Wey-South Path and continued to the outskirts of Cranleigh where we stopped for lunch. Some ate in the café at Notcutts Garden Centre; the rest sat outside in the sun.

After lunch we walked past Cranleigh School and Alderbrook Farm, turned north to Jelleys Hollow, joined the GSW again and followed this, west, back to the car park.

On this section of the GSW we paused to look at Perspectives, one of the artworks installed in the Surrey Hills.

Map: OS X 145

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Shamley Green circular

This morning’s 5½ mile walk was memorable for the high turnout (30), the warm, almost hot, sunny weather and the disappearance of the leader ¾ of the way round the route.

We set off from Shamley Green, headed east, passed Sandhurst Copse and Mayor House Farm, turned south to join the Greensand Way in Winterfold Heath and followed this west back to the start.

Near Willinghurst Farm we left the GSW temporarily for two footpaths and a bridleway in the open. The second footpath led around the edge of a plantation of young conifers before bearing right into woodland. The turn right is easy to miss and today was more so because a large area of bracken near it, recently flattened (it wasn’t like that when we were on the footpath two weeks ago), covered and concealed the path.

The leader and her long line of ramblers marched past it. Fortunately, she soon realised that she’d missed the turn and asked the group to wait while she retraced her steps to look for it. Two, to be helpful, spread out over the bracken to search as well. They quickly found the path and summoned the rest. We resumed the march.

Unfortunately, no one had noticed that the leader had gone back further along the way we’d come. All presumed that she was back in the lead.

A few minutes later, at a junction, those at the front turned to ask the leader for directions. Messages went up and down the line. Where was the leader? One person went back to look for her while another phoned her mobile. She appeared a few minutes later looking somewhat hotter than she did when we last saw her.

Map: OS X 145

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St Martha’s & Shalford

Horseflies have gone and mud has returned. The latter, however, is preferable to the former.

It was a damp day. Drizzle started shortly before the beginning of the walk and continued until the end. The leaders followed the ten mile route, in reverse, described on the Fancy Free Walks website.

There were 12 in the group. We stopped at the Parrot Inn in Shalford for lunch and the opportunity to dry out slightly.

Map: OS X 145