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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

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Compton & the North Downs Way

The leader of this morning’s 5½ mile walk told us that there might be mud. However, the only soft stuff we encountered were large cow pats on a section of the route that was obviously popular with cattle.

We met near the Withies pub in Compton, headed north on Polsted Lane, crossed over the NDW, walked up Sunnydown, turned east on the bridleway at the top (good views north towards Guildford Cathedral and London), turned south briefly to take a path on the other side of the ridge, continued west to a footpath that took us south downhill to the NDW, turned east, joined Stakescorner Road, headed south to a footpath that crossed the road, turned west, walked through Loseley Park on the footpath, reached Polsted Lane and returned to our starting point.

There were 18 on the walk. It was a mild day with pleasant conditions for walking.

Map: OS X 145


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Mickleham figure of 8

There were 18 on the morning part of the walk. Three left after lunch and one more arrived for the afternoon walk. Rain looked likely all the time but our luck was in and none fell.

We met by the church in Mickleham. The morning route went east over Mickleham Downs. The afternoon route went west along the Mole Gap Way to Westhumble, briefly along the North Downs Way, over Chapel Hill to Crabtree Lane, north on a bridleway through Norbury Park, east on another bridleway to the A24, across the dual carriageway and up the road to Mickleham church.

When we crossed a field on the NDW there was a bull (with cows) close to the path. He looked up as we walked past and followed us with his eyes. Shortly after that we came under scrutiny from another male when we stopped for refreshment by a wall. As we stood chatting a solitary ram appeared on the other side and stood watching us.

Map: OS X 146

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Selborne & Hawkley

The eighteen who arrived for today’s ten mile walk were not deterred by the leader’s warning of mud and stiles (16, though there were only 12). The mud was the shallow and slippery variety rather than the deep and boot-sucking sort.

We met in the public car park in Selborne and set off in sunshine along the Hangers Way to Hawkley. Here we stopped for lunch and ate our picnics on benches on the village green. By now clouds had gathered but rain held off for another hour.

Our route back to Selborne was NE to Standfast Lane, over the B3006 at Empshott, along a footpath and then a narrow lane to Le Court Hanger, along another footpath to a lane near Bradshott Hall, north on a footpath to Sotherington Farm and then west on a footpath to the B3006 at Selborne. Here some took a shortcut along the road to the car park while the rest crossed the road, went uphill on a footpath to the Hangers Way and followed this back to the car park. Two people who took the shortcut managed to get lost. They arrived back in the car park after the others.

Map: OS X 133

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Abinger, Shere & Blackheath

Today’s morning walk was advertised as 5½ miles. The leader, unfortunately, was indisposed, so a substitute was found at short notice. She hastily devised a different walk on paths with which she was familiar and almost managed to complete the route without taking a wrong turn.

There were no muddy sections on the route but it turned out to be longer than intended—6½ miles. One of the thirteen on the walk arrived without her boots so she walked (without problem as it happened) in the thin sandals she was wearing.

We met in Albury and headed to Shere for coffee via Albury Warren, Albury Heath and the Shere Millennium Trail. Our return was via Shere Heath, Ponds Lane, Brook, Broomfields, Blackheath Forest, Blackheath Lane, Ford Farm, Albury Warren and Warren Lane.

Map: OS X 145

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Chiddingfold & Dunsfold

Thirty arrived for today’s ten mile walk. This was more than the leader expected. As she had promised tea for all after the walk she left her husband with instructions to find more mugs.

We met at Combe Common recreation ground, headed east on Woodside Road and turned left on a footpath (muddy in places) that took us to the A283 near the Winterton Arms. From here we headed north, briefly along the road, and then on a bridleway that went through Hambledon Hurst before joining the Greensand Way in Hambledon. We stopped for coffee at the church and then continued east to the church in Dunsfold via Vann Hill, Burgate Hanger, Markwick Lane and Peartree Green.

After lunch in Dunsfold churchyard we headed west along a bridleway that passed Duns Copse and White Beech before reaching Vann Lane. We turned left on the lane, turned right at a junction, took a footpath across Ryestreet Common, turned left on another footpath and reached Chiddingfold on the lane that passed the post office.

Our walk ended with a cream tea in the leader’s garden.

Map: OS X 133

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Shamley Green circular

There were 17 on this morning’s 5½ mile walk. It was a cool, grey day with a hint of autumn. Fewer wore shorts.

We met in Shamley Green and headed north on Woodhill Lane to a footpath that went past Tanyard Farm and up Reelhall Hill by the side of a long row of nettles. At the top of the hill we turned right on a bridleway and followed it past Sandhurst Copse to Farley Heath Road. We crossed the road and continued east to Mayor House Farm. The bridleway, now a byway, turned south after the farm. We took a footpath on the right, headed south to Winterfold Heath, turned tight on a lane and reached the Greensand Way where it crossed the lane. Here we turned right on the GSW and followed it back to Shamley Green arriving there just as rain started.

Map: OS X145

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Ebernoe circular

There was sunshine at the start of this morning’s 5½ mile walk. What a joy that was after the rain yesterday.

We (21) met in the small car park by Ebernoe church. Our leader told us that he’d chosen the area for a summer walk because it would be less muddy than usual. However, when he’d checked the route recently he found that the mud had returned so he’d amended the route to avoid the worst bits.

Map: OS X 133