Walking Matters

Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

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Witley circular

Thunderstorms were forecast from mid morning onwards. Fortunately, there were none until we’d finished the five mile walk, had lunch in the nearby garden centre and driven home.

Thirteen arrived for the walk. We met in the small parking area off Church Lane near the infants’ school (closed for half term). Light drizzle started just before we set off but didn’t last long. Those wearing waterproofs were soon wetter inside than outside.

We headed west, turned south to pass the derelict buildings of Winkford Farm, passed Parsonage Farm, joined the Greensand Way briefly to Brook, walked on a track through Heath Hills, stopped for coffee at the Pirrie Hall and sat in comfort on the veranda. It would have been peaceful but for the groundsman on a noisy mower cutting the grass.

After coffee we headed east on footpaths and part of the GSW, turned north near Witley station, walked past King Edward’s School and Bridewell Park, once the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, and continued on the pavement by the A283 back to Church Lane.

Map: OS OL33 (X 133)


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Hindhead & Haslemere

Today’s ten mile walk started from the NT visitor centre in Hindhead. Low cloud reduced visibility at the top of the Devil’s Punch Bowl. This was disappointing but was preferable to rain.

The new ticket machine in the car park was now operational. It seemed temperamental because many NT members struggled to get it to scan their membership cards.

Fifteen arrived for the walk. Five left before lunch and returned to the start on foot or by bus. The rest stopped in Haslemere for lunch and then marched back to the car park.

Map: OS OL33, (X 133)

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Albury circular

Today was hot and humid with the possibility of thunderstorms. Lightning strikes damaged fuelling systems at Stansted airport but there was no dramatic weather here. One person on this morning’s 5½ mile walk, taking no chances, wore Wellington boots. These proved unnecessary. There was no rain; paths remained bone dry.

Nineteen arrived for the walk. We headed east from the village hall in Albury along the A248, turned west on a footpath near the A25, passed Water Lane Cottages, continued to the Downs Link, turned south on the DL, crossed the A248 and the railway line, turned east on a footpath, passed Postford Farm Cottages, crossed the railway line again, walked on a footpath parallel to Blackheath Lane and continued ahead on the lane back to Albury.

By now it was sunny and hotter.

Map: OS X 145

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Puttenham Common circular

The good weather continued; it was another hot, sunny day.

Fourteen arrived for this morning’s 5½ mile walk which started from Puttenham Common upper car park.

Our leader took us across the common (without faltering) to the North Downs Way, turned west and followed the NDW to a permissive path that took us south through the Hampton Estate to Littleworth Road. We turned right (west), took a bridleway on the left that went SE past Culverswell Hill to Seale Road, crossed the road, continued on a path through Britty Wood, reached Littleworth Road again, crossed this to a path that led to The Tarn, walked past the NW side of the lake and followed bridleways back to the car park.

The temperature gradually rose during the morning so we were glad of the woodland stretches of the walk.

Map: OS X 145

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Sandown, Shanklin & Ventnor

There was a special event today—our annual trip to the Isle of Wight. The weather was perfect; it was sunny and warm with a gentle breeze.

Twenty-one of us travelled by train to Portsmouth Harbour and then took the ferry to the IoW. One person went by bus to various places. The rest took the island train; eight got off at Sandown to walk to Ventnor and the others stayed on till Shanklin and walked from there to Ventnor.

Map: OS OL29

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Puttenham to Godalming

Twelve turned up for today’s eleven mile walk. Some paths on the route three weeks ago had been horribly muddy. Today they were remarkably dry.

We set off from Puttenham Common upper car park, headed north to join the North Downs Way, turned east, continued to Compton and then turned south to walk to Godalming via Bummoor Copse, Eastbury Park, Hurtmore and Milton Wood. Our return was via the Fox Way and Shackleford.

Map: OS X 145