Walking Matters

Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

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Brook & Sandhills

There was almost an autumnal feel to the air this morning. The sky was overcast and the temperature was in the low twenties. However, trees in full leaf showed it was still summer.

Thirty-six turned up for the five mile walk—somewhat to the concern of the leader who hadn’t expected such a large number. She coped; no one got lost or left behind.

Map: OS OL 33 (X133)


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Godalming, Munstead & Catteshall

There was no mud on yesterday evening’s four mile walk in spite of heavy rain the day before. The drought has left footpaths so dry that much more rain is necessary before mud begins to reappear.

Ten arrived for the start of the walk in Crown Court car park (free after 6.30pm). Apart from a sluggish wasp which joined us while we waited to set off, we encountered no other troublesome insects. We arrived back at the car park, as the light was beginning to fade, unbitten.

Map: OS X 145

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Compton & Loseley Park

Our leader treated us to homemade cookies and chocolate brownies at halftime on the 5½ mile walk this morning.

Twenty-one arrived for the start start near Watts Gallery in Compton. Rain looked likely but there was none until near the end of the walk. We set off along Down Lane past the chapel, turned left on the B3000, took a footpath on the right over Eastbury Park to Binscombe, continued on another footpath to New Pond Road (B3000) and crossed this to enter Loseley Park on the public footpath.

After a break for coffee we continued on the footpath through the park, reached Stakescorner Road, turned left to Littleton and turned left at the next footpath. This took us through the northern part of the park and on to Polsted Manor. Here we turned right and then left on a footpath that led to Coneycroft Farm and our starting point.

Seven stopped for refreshments in Watts Gallery Tearoom.

Map: OS X 145

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Hascombe Hill

The temperature was slightly lower for the start of this morning’s five mile walk—25°C instead of the usual 28°C.

Eighteen arrived for the walk. Two were early and sat waiting for the others in shade on the bench by the Tulip tree next to the pub. Bells in the nearby church rang out for the 10am service.

Map: OS X 134

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Busbridge & Winkworth Arboretum

Much of this morning’s 5½ mile walk was in woodland in the shade. This was fortunate because it was another hot and sunny day. Three months ago we were longing for sunshine and an end to the rain.

There were seventeen on the walk. We met by Busbridge church, crossed the B2130, turned left on a bridleway, left on a footpath, crossed Munstead Heath Road near the water tower (now a private residence), continued ahead on a bridleway, turned right to a lane (Alldens Hill), turned left here and then took a footpath on the right that reached the lane on the eastern side of Winkworth Arboretum. We turned right on the lane and reached the back entrance to WA via a newish permissive footpath which saved us having to walk on the narrow road. Following the public footpath through WA we reached the café and stopped for refreshment.

After the coffee stop we crossed the B2130, walked on a bridleway to Juniper Valley (without encountering horseflies this time), turned right on a footpath to Salt Lane, turned right on Clock Barn Lane, walked along the lane to a bridleway on the left, crossed Hambledon Road, continued on the bridleway to pass Clock Barn Farm and Busbridge Lakes and reached the junction of Quartermile Road, Busbridge Lane and Home Farm Road. We turned right on Home Farm Road, turned left on the cul de sac section of Hambledon Road and returned to Busbridge church.

Map: OS X 145

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Busbridge circular

Eight turned up for this morning’s five mile walk. We arrived in rain, we set off in rain, we walked in rain and we finished in rain.

There was much surface water. The ground was baked so hard that the rain either ran off it or stayed put. Little soaked in.

Map: OS X 145