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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

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Blackheath with the LBRC

There was a long line of ramblers on today’s joint walk with the London Blind Rambling Club—25 G&H, 12 LBRC.

We set off from the car park in Blackheath shortly after a small group of teenagers (heavily laden with huge rucksacks) on a DoE venture and, by chance, took the same route. They paused to consult their directions about a mile later and we caught up. We marched on, slowly, and they became stuck behind us; the path was narrow and there were no suitable passing places. They eventually overtook us near the A248 and continued on along the Downs Link to the North Downs Way which, as it happened, was our route.

When we reached the NDW we met them again; they’d stopped for their lunch. We sat down beside them on the edge of the bridleway for a short break.

We weren’t the only ones on the NDW. It was remarkably busy. There were groups of walkers, groups of cyclists, solitary runners and even a party of smartly dressed people (one of whom wore a kilt) going up the hill to a service in St Martha’s Chapel.

The DoE group moved off before us and we never saw them again. They must have had some peaceful time in the countryside.

Map: OS X 145


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Blackheath & Peaslake

There were thirteen at the start of today’s 8½ mile walk and fourteen by lunchtime. The extra person arrived ten minutes late but managed to catch up by taking a shortcut to Peaslake, our stop for lunch.

We stopped for coffee at the sports ground near Albury Heath and walked past the Montgomery memorial plaque when we set off again.

Paths were dry, views were good and after the walk we had tea and cake in the leader’s garden.

Map: OS X 145

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Sidney Wood, Sussex Border Path, Wey South Path

The leader of this morning’s 5½ mile walk took us through Sidney Wood, out the southern side to the SBP, east to Barberry Bridge and the recently restored Gennets Lock (completed April 2018), north along the WSP and back through Sidney Wood to the car park.

There was no mud, no stiles, no hills and so, he added when he introduced the walk at the start, there should be no excuses (for us to be slow, we presumed).

Map: OS X 134

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Witley circular

There was no drama on this morning’s five mile walk. There were no horseflies, no mud, no overgrown paths, no stiles. Fourteen set off from Church Lane in Witley and fourteen returned.

The group crossed the A283, took a footpath to Great Enton, walked across Hambledon Field and Buss’s Common, joined the Greensand Way to Hambledon, turned off to Beech Hill and headed to the village shop where they stopped for coffee, cakes and ice creams.

Well refreshed they crossed Hambledon Common, joined the GSW, headed towards the A283, took a footpath just before the road, reached the road near King Edward’s School, continued on the grass verge to the railway bridge, turned right onto a footpath, followed this to Sweetwater Pond, crossed Water Lane and headed NW back to Witley.

Map: OS OL33, X 133

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Pulborough, West Chiltington & Nutbourne

There was an unusual event, a minor drama, on today’s 8½ mile walk which started from the RSPB car park at Pulborough Brooks. As we walked past a house where a man up a ladder painted an upstairs window, he fell off the ladder. We heard a clatter as the ladder hit the ground and, curious, stood on tiptoe to look over the tall fence by the footpath. The man was on grass on his hands and knees and obviously in pain. Four of us (there were 25 on the walk) went back to the entrance to the property to offer help.

His only injury seemed to be to his left foot—he said he’d landed on it. The home owner appeared from the back garden where he’d been cutting the grass and, after we’d explained what had happened, called an ambulance. At our suggestion he produced cushions and blankets to make the painter as comfortable as possible until the ambulance arrived.

Off we went. About 15 minutes later, as we continued through the village, an ambulance with blue lights flashing passed us. We presumed it was on its way to the injured painter.

Footnote: he turned out to have broken three bones in his foot.

Map: OS X 121

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Puttenham, Shackleford circular

The good weather continued. Eighteen arrived in Puttenham Common top car park for today’s nine walk.

We headed for Shackleford for lunch via Rodsall Manor, Warren Lodge, Peper Harow, Lower Eashing, Hurtmore and Roker’s Lane. After lunch we returned via Cross Farm, Lydling Farm, Rodsall Manor, Curtmill Pond, The Tarn, General’s Pond, Hillbury and Puttenham Common.

Map: OS X 145

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The weather was better than expected on this morning’s 5½ mile walk. Rain had been forecast but the day stayed warm and dry.

Seventeen turned up for the start in the NT car park in Hindhead. Two and a half hours later when they arrived back the car park was full.

They headed east on the Greensand Way to Gibbet Hill, took the footpath towards Boundless Copse, turned SE a quarter of the way down on a narrow footpath to Hurthill Copse, continued to Keffolds Copse, Keffolds Farm and Coombe Head, joined part of the NT route Roam 639 and followed that back to the car park.

Map: OS OL 33, X 133