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Godalming & Haslemere Ramblers

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Hascombe & the GSW

The leader of this morning’s 5½ mile walk took us on paths that many of us hadn’t been on before.

We (13) met by the pub in Hascombe, headed east on the bridleway to Nore Hanger, turned north along the ridge of the hanger, continued north down a steep slope, joined another bridleway, turned left (north) then turned east on a footpath which went across a field and took us to Tilsey Farm. At the Farm we turned NW on another footpath, walked along a lane to Selhurst Common, continued on to Gatestreet Farm, joined the Greensand Way and headed south back to Hascombe.

It was a warmer day than yesterday. Rain looked likely most of the time but none fell.

Maps: OS X 134, 145


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Chalton & West Marden

There were five on today’s ten mile circular walk from Chalton to West Marden. The leader brought chocolate brownies for three times this number which meant that at coffee time we had a feast. Thirty of the group are on a walking holiday in Croatia so this probably accounted for the low turnout.

Map: OS OL 8, X 120

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Odiham circular

Conditions were good for this morning’s five mile walk. The weather was warm and sunny; paths were dry.

Thirteen met for the start in Odiham. The leader followed the route Greywell & Odiham Castle described by the Odiham Society. We zigzagged out of Odiham (some in the group seem incapable of walking in a straight line on pavements, or walking on pavements at all for that matter) and headed west towards Greywell. Our coffee stop was by the church of St Mary’s Greywell.

We continued through the village to the Basingstoke Canal and walked along the towing path pausing to look at the Greywell Tunnel and the remains of Odiham Castle. At the lift bridge we had to wait while a barge passed below the raised bridge before we could cross over the canal and continue on to Odiham.

Map: OS X 144

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Godalming, Eashing & Westbrook

This was the last of our Friday evening walks. They run from the end of April to the beginning of September. Lack of daylight limits them.

Sixteen turned up for the start (6.30pm) in Crown Court car park in Godalming. Dark clouds approached and heavy rain arrived five minutes before we were due to set off. Some were unprepared for this and hurried back to their cars for umbrellas. No one chickened out of the walk. The rain lasted about twenty minutes; much of the time we were under the canopy of trees on the route.

By the time the light was fading we were walking along Halfway Lane towards Westbrook. The sky was clear and we could see trees and the spires of Shackleford church and Charterhouse silhouetted against the skyline. None of us had walked along the lane at that time before.

The last part of the 4½ mile route was after dark but our way was lit by streetlights. After the walk eight of us stopped for refreshments in Wetherspoons before heading home.

Map: OS X 145

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Frensham Common & Ponds

Today’s five mile walk was a repeat of one organised five months ago. Then there was such heavy rain that all abandoned the walk and took the shortest route back to the start.

The weather today was much better although dark clouds at the start suggested that waterproof trousers might be more useful than sunscreen. Fortunately, the choice of the latter proved correct.

Thirteen arrived for the walk. We set off from the car park at Frensham Great Pond, headed north, crossed the A287, walked across Frensham Common then round Frensham Little Pond, stopped for coffee by Grey Walls, walked briefly along Kings Ridge, passed the Robertsons memorial, crossed the A287 and walked round the south side of FGP back to the car park.

Map: OS X 145

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Emsworth circular

Today’s 10½ mile walk was a repeat of the one on August 7. There were twelve on it and the weather was similar to last time—heavy rain before the start of the walk followed by sunshine for the rest of the day. As the clouds cleared the wind increased. By afternoon there was a moderate breeze and we struggled against the headwind.

Map: OS X 120

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Ebernoe circular

The walk this morning (five miles) was in an area renowned for being muddy in winter. One person took no chances and wore Wellington boots. Most paths today were bone dry.

Our leader took us on a route that few of us felt we’d be able to find again. We headed south from the church at Ebernoe to Ebernoe Common, Pug’s Bottom, Palfry Farm, Blackwool Farm, Colhook Common and Ebernoe cricket green.

Map: OS X 133